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"O FRIEND! In the garden of
thy heart plant naught but
the rose of love, and from the nightingale of affection and
desire loosen not thy hold..."

Heart to Heart is a game designed by Nicola Daniels. From June 2014 to December 2015, the game was tested and refined with groups of volunteers in South Carolina and Georgia. 

Heart to Heart is comprised of a game board, a set of 60 virtues, 150 themed quotes equally divided between ten religions and cultures, and sixteen (16) Challenge Cards with instructions for a range of activities designed to engage the players in creative and elevated conversations on spiritual principles.

How to get involved...

The Heart to Heart game will not be sold online or in stores. It is a labor of love which we wish to share with friends who are interested in playing it and getting to know people of different religions. If you live in South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia, contact us to arrange a personal visit or Skype session for your Faith community 

Can I get a free copy of Heart to Heart?

A few high quality hand-made copies of Heart to Heart are left over from the pilot, and more can be produced at home. These will be shared with communities who show interest. We are not a commercial organization, so donations for travel and printing costs will be gratefully accepted.