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smile like the sun

Posted on November 6, 2017 at 7:25 AM

Day 6 of #bahaiblogging
(Day 4 and Day 5 are in one post)

I fear I might be sounding a little preachy so far, but I feel I needed to lay the groundwork so I could say how this new knowledge or blueprint for our relationship with God and with God's Messengers - those who founded the religions throughout the world - works. WIth this new understanding, a number of questions I have had about life, the universe and everything are now resolved. Here's what I mean. (Please note these are my own understandings from personal reflection, and not necessarily Baha'i Teachings, though the analogy of the mirror is a Baha'i Teaching and you can find the original version here: Some Answered Questions, Chapter 37: The Connection Between God and His Manifestations.

Q.  What does it mean to 'turn to God'? Isn't God everywhere, in everything? Where do I 'turn' to find God?

A.  Turning to God means I look into the Mirrors of God. That includes Jesus and Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna, and lately, Baha'u'llah. It means reading and meditating on Their Teachings and following in Their footsteps (practicing the things they did to reflect God's Light).

Q.  Why did they call Jesus the Word in the Bible?

A.  Words are one of 2 major ways how God's Messengers reflect the Light of God to us. (The way they live their lives is the other.) Although "divine things are too deep to be expressed by words" the Messengers of God were all divinely inspired with words that have reached the hearts of people even across the ages.

Q.  Which Messenger of God should I follow?

A.  Which Sun is the Mirror reflecting? There's only one Sun, and only one God. "All scripture" (All Words from God, through God's Messengers) "is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousnes" - 2 Timothy 3:16, New English Translation.

Lastly, I woke up this morning thinking about the smiling faces in the film Light to the World which was released last month to mark the bicentenary of Baha'u'llah's birth. Religion isn't all about words. It's about living a life of purpose (and true happiness). Those smiling faces were directly reflecting the Light of God, without having to say a mumblin' word. You can find the film here:

Peace, Niki

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