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mirrors of divinity

Posted on November 5, 2017 at 5:35 PM

Day 4 of #bahaiblogging

In high school and college one of my favorite activities was 'going back to first principles'. Some of the teachings of Baha'u'llah are like that - basic yet profound principles which solve a number of problems at once. The principle or analogy I will share today is that of the mirror.

I've talked about the 'problem' or mystery of how an infinite God could 'come down' to earth and walk among men and women. It is still a mystery, but with this analogy of the mirror I am able to understand the principle.

Think of the sun. It is not infinite, but compared to a human being it practically is. It would not be possible for the sun to swoop down to earth and exist inside of a person. But, if you had a nice clean mirror, and your eyes were able to stand looking at the sun's reflection, you could point to the mirror and say look, there's the sun. THAT is what the sun looks like.

Day 5 of #bahaiblogging

In this analogy, the sun represents God. The pure clear mirror is the heart of the man Jesus. The rays of the sun represent the Holy Spirit, the very nature of God, the 'Christ' in Christ Jesus, and the Word that John said was 'with God in the beginning, and was God.'

This is how Jesus could rightly claim that if you see me, you see my father/God.

Yet, at no time is the sun actually contained within the mirror. When the mirror is shattered and can no longer reflect the sun, the sun is not dead. Therefore Christ lives, and did not die on the cross.

Now a mirror is a finite thing, meaning that there can be more than one of them. To some extent, each of us can reflect the qualities or attributes of God. Using Christ as an example - that is, hearing and living by His teachings - we reflect God or the Holy spirit, and 'magnify' that Spirit in the world.

But for most people or most mirrors, the reflection is incomplete. Only a few very pure and perfectly clear mirrors have existed throughout human history. Their purpose or mission is to advance our understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings.

These mirrors of divinity are not at odds or in competition with each other.

(To be continued - see Day 5)

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