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Upcoming Events

We have no scheduled events at this time, but are happy to share and play Heart to Heart with new friends in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to arrange a Meetup to try the game in person.

Past Events and Meetups

What skills do we need
to flourish in the
21st century?

Venue: Greenville Baha'i Center         

Date: Friday, 18 September, 6:00 pm

This was a free workshop, open to people of all Faiths.  We screened three short films: "A Declaration of Interdependence," "The Adaptable Mind" and "The Science of Character." Then we created a 

'web of strengths' and had a vibrant discussion about how different character strengths support each other.


Thank you, Greenville Baha'is! We had 3 tables at their monthly Potluck Devotional on 11 July. Musical Memories, Poets and Artists, and Thinkers & Movers.

Quote of the night: "Holy words and pure and goodly deeds ascend unto the heaven of celestial glory."

(Baha'u'llah, Persian Hidden Words)

We had a wonderful time at the Spiritual Unity Fair in

Greenville, SC on May 30th.

Here is a picture of one section of

our booth, will illuminations (right) and Heart to Heart Pilot version (left) on display.

Saturday 13 June, 2015

SC Interfaith Meetup:

"Nature Hearts"

@ Aromas Village Coffee

One new Heart from Due West

Monday 15 June, 2015

SC Interfaith Meetup

@ Anderson County Library

One new Heart from Anderson

Race Unity Picnic hosted by the Baha'is of Metro Atlanta. We met many beautiful Hearts here, and enjoyed the fellowship of the drum, of the voice, and of the rainbow bubbles.