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**We've had some great feedback already from people who have played Heart to Heart in its many incarnations. This list is made up of comments from actual players. If you have a Question to add please use our Feedback Form.**

1) What if I can't sing?
If you don't remember the melody just recite the words, like a poem, or ask another player to sing for you.

2) What kinds of songs and stories are allowed?

The songs and stories need not be Faith-based, but in the family spirit of the game, should not be vulgar. In a setting with children or youth, the players may wish to ban expletives and obscene words (even reported ones).

3) My kids are too young to read these quotes! 

Children may team up with adults or youth who can help them read, or explain difficult words and concepts. Clues to suit the ability/experience of a handicapped or semi-literate player are encouraged.

4) What if I run out of virtues? 

As soon as you run out, take three more. Don't try to choose them, just take a random handful, as if you were choosing letters from a Scrabble bag.

5) Does my word have to match the keyword exactly?

No. Cards now have alternative keywords listed at the bottom, which the Reader should read aloud. For example, 'sea' and 'ocean' are interchangeable in common use, so either one is allowed. Plurals (eye vs. eyes, hand vs. hands), or related words and phrases (courage/bravery; hope/yearn/long for; work/toil/job; sing/singing) are all close enough. It's the general meaning that counts

6) Which Faiths or Cultures are represented?

Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Sikh, Tao, and Zoroastrian

7) Why are some quotes from the Bible labeled Jewish?

The Jewish quotes are taken either from the Torah (very broadly equivalent to the first five books that make up the Christian 'Old Testament') or from Jewish prophetic writings also included in the Christian Bible. For simplicity, only New Testament quotes are used to represent the Christian Faith, and Jewish quotes, unless they came from a non-Biblical source, are labelled 'Old Testament'.

8) What is the exact source of the quotes?

Some players have expressed a desire to have the specific source of the quote printed on the cards. This is under consideration. One option is to have the source on the website/a web app. Most of the quotes were taken from the Ocean library software, which contains texts from nine of the faiths, but the Native American quotes were mainly collected from Internet sources.

9) How do agnostics or atheists fit into the game?

Heart to Heart is for anyone with a heart. The only requirement to play is the ability to read. You are not required to know the scriptures, or to guess which quote came from what Faith*. Songs and stories may be secular, as mentioned above, and we can all benefit from the exercise of trying to give a sincere compliment.

* However we are working on a revised set of rules for students of comparative religion.

10) How do we know who wins the game?

Technically, the player with the most points (most cards) is the winner, but Heart to Heart is a non-competitive game. The object is to have good clean fun, and to exercise your vocabulary, memory, and social skills. The winner could be the person who players agree gave the best/most sincere compliment.