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The Friday Fix: Cleanliness 

Music and lyrics for your Heart

published: 2/5/2015

Featured Music: Ana Bridges, 

'In the Garden of Thy Heart'

from the Visionaries album 

(Badasht, Vol III)

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Quotations on the theme "OCEAN."

Music: Men of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 

singing Billy Joel's Lullaby, aka 'Goodnight My Angel.'

Photos: Laurens County, SC & Akka Bay, Israel

by Niki and Julian Daniels

Quotations on the theme "MOUNTAIN"

Music:   Joss Stone   -   'Alfie'

Album:  'Alfie - Music from the Motion Picture'


Haifa, Israel / Sapphire Valley, NC  / Scotland, UK

Irish Town and Manchester, Jamaica / Laurens, SC

by Niki & Julian Daniels, and Kemar Hay

Live Heart to Heart Challenges

Niki doing the Share challenge for the virtue Tact, in Beaufort, SC, with Sally and Gabby. Her mission: "Pick one of your virtue cards and share on it. It could be a virtue you admire in a friend or historical figure. Or, it could be a virtue you wish you had more of in your life. (Two Points)"

Gabby doing the Sweet-Talk Challenge, using the keyword/ virtue Friendliness, in Beaufort, SC, with Niki and Sally. Her mission: "Sincerely compliment a player sitting next to you, using a keyword from any of your quotes. Think of the person's best qualities. Do not use generic terms of flattery. (Two points if players agree it is sincere / One point if compliment is lame/not sincere)"